Till Beppe Battista

Angered easly, slick and fast, and horrible with a bow.


Melee Attacks: Stab: Stab one opponent with pike 6 dice, Shield Charge: Charge at opponent with shield stunning for two turns 6 dice, Six Swings: Attack one opponent with Primary and Secondary Weapons 12 dice, Shield Bang: Slam one opponent with secondary weapon 13 dice.
Ranged Attacks: Pike Toss: Throw your Pike at one opponent 6 dice, Shield Throw: Toss your shield at two enemies 10 dice.

Primary: Sharp Pike +4. attack damage
Secondary: Ice Shield +5 defense

Class: Pike-man

HP: 289

Magic Spells: (Secondary Weapon): Ice Defense: Protects the player of your choice. Ice Spray: Spray Ice Shards in three different directions.

Special Attacks +3 in damage: Ice Chop: turns secondary weapon into an axe

HP: 1,097


Till Beppe Battista was born in Thorn Gangfrost, a small town in Frostyear’s Sandy hills. Till soon moved to Sandy Storms seventeen years after birth. He started training in hand-to-hand combat and Pike arm fighting. He soon was hired for the Frost Hurricane (Frostyear’s army) ranked corporal in the Hurricane.

Till Beppe Battista’s interests: Peace, Strong army, success and, life.

Till Beppe Battista’s Goals: Peace.

Till Beppe Battista’s enemies: None Known

Till Beppe Battista

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